22 January, 2016
There's a new tour poster I drew for Admit One/Call The Shots up in the design gallery. It's more illustrated than designed but I figured that's where people might be looking for that kind of thing. :)

~ Jac

9 January, 2016
Alright, a new site design for a new year!

I'd planned to put all this up yesterday but it was a pretty sad day for my family and website stuff seemed relatively unimportant. Anyway, I've simplified things a lot more and tidied up around here so hopefully it's a bit easier to find what you're looking for now.

So what's new? I've uploaded the first 18 pages (not the complete chapter!) of the comic I’ve been working on and teasing images from over the past year or so, called ‘We’re Not Alone’. Check out the comics page or click on that front cover image to the right here to read! I wrote this story over a year ago and chipped away at drawing it all last year whenever I had time and I'll be doing the same again this year with every spare chance I get. Stay tuned here for updates on further releases and information..

I also very recently launched a new kids & babies clothing and accesories line, YoCrib, with my business partner and longtime friend, Rose. We've been diligently working away at this little baby of ours behind the scenes, creating an original line of rad designs on quality products for little ones that we wanted to see out there. I'm really proud of the designs I've worked up for it and what we've built so far, and can't wait to launch into designing the next season's range. We currently stock to fit little ones from 0-6 years, along with some homewares and accessories. You can check us out at www.yocrib.com.au, we ship worldwide!

~ Jac

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